About the club 

The Metea Valley Robotics club provides students with an opportunity to hone critical skills needed to succeed in the workforce of the 21st century and today. While the students develop technical skills in designing, building, and programing robots, the robotics club also encourages students to work in teams to develop communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. Through competition, against other teams in Vex game’s, the students get to implement their hard work into practical applications; Thus, moving their ideas and designs beyond science and engineering principles to real world problems. With so many careers requiring STEM related skills the club will give students a head start even into jobs beyond the fields of science, math, and engineering. Robotics is for everyone! The skills that students learn in the club will help them in any endeavor they choose to pursue. We want students to leave our club with a greater understanding of STEM, and soft skills to help students reach their full potential, while having a lot of fun along the Way!

What is Expected of our Student Members?  

1. Attendance

Students are expected to attend all scheduled club meetings and competitions involving their team. Unexcused absences, or excessive excused absences, can result in dismissal from the team. If a student must be absent from a meeting or competition for any reason, that student must inform Mr. Schey and Mr. Casey in person or via email to be to be counted as an excused absence. The reason for this policy is simple: being in the Robotics Club is a privilege in which many other qualified students were unable to participate.


2. Conduct

Students are expected to treat coaches, teammates, competing teams, officials, and fellow students at all times. Members are representatives of MVHS as well as our club. Students are also expected to actively participate in meetings and competition activities. They are expected to take initiative to perform designated tasks to help their team.

Disruptive behaviors–such as unsafe equipment and tool usage, horseplay, excessive socialization, foul language, or confrontational behavior–or lack of participation–such as excessive absences, leaving the meeting area, or otherwise not contributing to his or her team–are grounds for dismissal of the team.

If conduct becomes an issue with a particular student or students, the coaches reserve the right to either warn the offending student(s), dismiss the student(s) from a given meeting or competition, or dismiss the student(s) from the club based on the coaches' discretion.

3. VEX Knowledge

Students are expected to become familiar with VEX equipment, terminology, and rules pertaining to this year's competition Information about these topics can be found on the Vex website.


5. Academic Expectations

Robotics participants are students first. Students who have failing grades or excessive school absences may be suspended from the club. Chronic academic issues or absences may result in dismissal from the club.